Our Mission

About Cihan Insurance

CIHAN Insurance company is a private Shareholding Company in IRAQ, was founded in 2010, with capital five billion D.I. Licensed by the Insurance Bureau No. 24/2010 on 05/18/2010.

Our Strategy

CIHAN Insurance launched a strategy to 2025 to keep pace with the fundamental changes in the Iraqi market, and to contribute more to supporting the national economy and serving the local community, based on the rapid changes taking place in the world and the surrounding region, and this is reflected in changing the needs and expectations of customers, and the requirements of the local community.

CIHAN Insurance aims to reach and achieve unique effects in the Iraqi insurance sector, through geographical spread and excellence in business and services, and innovation of distinguished products to serve customers, as well as by supporting the company’s employees and providing digital solutions that support the insurance sector’s business.

Our Standards


Achieving an exceptional customer experience through excellence in customer service


Evolution towards globalization


  • Develop ways to take care of our employees
  • Share our customers in success and profit
  • Enhancing technology and digital solutions
  • Achieving exceptional results